Activation/Setup FAQs ///
Can I connect an inReach™ device that has been purchased overseas?
You may find an inReach™ device available from an overseas retailer. An inReach™ device from an overseas provider can be connected in Australia for a once-off fee of AUD$170. If you have any questions about purchasing an inReach™ device from an overseas retailer or to check if connecting your inReach™ will incur a connection charge, please call our Customer Care team on 1300 882 448.
How long does it take to activate my inReach™?
Activation is very quick. Simply enter your IMEI device identification number and authorization code followed by your personal contact information, message plan, emergency contacts, and billing information. Your inReach™ IMEI and Authorization Code numbers are on a sticker inside the inReach™ battery compartment. If you have batteries installed, you may need to remove them to see the codes. The activation process generally takes about 5 to 10 minutes. In instances where the final activation of the Iridium modem could take longer to process, we will inform you of that and an email will notify you when the system is ready for use.
How do I create pre-loaded messages?
You can easily set up and create pre-loaded messages on your inReach™ Explore account.
How do I set up MapShare?
In your inReach™ Explore account, choose the MapShare tab and set your MapShare preferences to enable the page, to allow visitors to send messages and view your location, and to give your page a title and a description. A password can also be created to restrict who has access to view the page. After saving the changes to MapShare, you can email a link to your friends and family along with an explanatory message. Note that you can also send a link to your MapShare from your Android or iOS device when you are on your trip, just in case you forgot to let someone know until you were already traveling.
Can users put privacy settings in place?
Users can enable a password for their MapShare page and share that password only with family and friends of their choosing.
How often do I need to download new maps for my Android or iOS device?
The easiest thing to do is download only the maps for the regions where you’ll be traveling. After doing so, you’ll need to download new maps for those regions only upon a new release of maps. Customers will be notified.
How can I activate my inReach™ device if I am in a place without Internet access?
Pivotel Customer Care (1300 882 448) will help you activate your device and enter your account information if you do not have access to the Internet.
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