You don’t want to be playing hide-and-seek with your signal out there ///
  • The inReach™ is powered by Iridium, the world’s only truly global satellite network providing two-way communication with anyone, anywhere, anytime.
  • Don’t gamble with one-way networks, delays, or coverage gaps.
  • Always inReach™: A strong signal everywhere - so you can venture into the middle of nowhere.

Although the Iridium Network provides truly global service, use of the service may be prohibited or restricted in certain countries. Iridium complies with U.S. embargo restrictions and as such is prohibited from providing products and service to the following countries: Taliban controlled Afghanistan, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria and Sudan.  Certain other countries may have laws which prohibit or restrict the use of Satellite Telecommunications services in those countries. The use of Satellite Telecommunications services is specifically prohibited in India without a permit. The use of Satellite Telecommunications devices or services may be prohibited, restricted or unlicensed in other countries. Since this is beyond Pivotel’s control and regulations may change without notice, Pivotel recommends checking with the local consulate for the country you will be travelling to if you are unsure.

Iridium Satellite orbitting the earth.
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